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On 15 March, TKM’s offer to acquire the technical and technological assets of start-up Skopai was approved by the Grenoble Commercial Court. The decision not only revives the service provided by Skopai, but also strengthens the portfolio of monitoring and analysis solutions that TKM has been developing for almost 20 years.


This acquisition marks the culmination of a long technological partnership that began in 2021. On that date, the two companies will join forces to create « a Grenoble-based champion of artificial intelligence for innovation ». Equipped with cutting-edge AI technologies, TKM and Skopai share the same business and address related and complementary markets.


Created in 2017, Skopai has developed genuine expertise in monitoring the activity of start-ups worldwide: their fund-raising, their news, their technological and industrial maturity.
For the past 20 years, TKM has offered a range of monitoring software and services based on scientific, technological and economic literature, aimed at all those involved in research and innovation.


This strategic acquisition offers three key advantages:

– Continuity of service for Skopai customers;
– A useful addition to the TKM offering, with in-depth expertise in monitoring and analysing start-up news;
– The strengthening of a sovereign, ethical and responsible AI platform for innovation, provided by an independent French company.


« We are particularly pleased to be able to breathe new life into the technologies developed by Skopai. Thanks to this acquisition, we are continuing to strengthen our range of services. For innovation players, it has never been easier to detect new technological trends, identify and track the most promising partners, or monitor patents filed around the world. »


Christophe LECANTE – CEO and founder of TKM


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