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In a world overwhelmed by information, the slightest search on a given subject results in hundreds or even thousands of documents. So, to stay in control of your technological environment, the challenge today is not just to access information, but to sort and analyze it.
In this article, find out how TKM can help you sort, analyze and capitalize on your intelligence data, so that you can use it to inform your strategic decisions.


TKM, expert in the collection, sorting and analysis of technical and scientific literature

As a specialist in heterogeneous data analysis, TKM helps companies in all sectors to anticipate the issues and challenges of their respective environments.

How do we do this?

  • By conducting technological, competitive and strategic intelligence.
  • By producing deliverables to support your decision-making: market studies, application research, state of the art, mapping of players or skills, searches for experts or partners…
  • By providing advice and training: auditing your innovation strategies, or helping you organize your projects.
  • By providing you with monitoring and analysis software tools: patent monitoring, startup monitoring, emerging technologies, etc…

TKM helps you to…

Monitor your markets, competitors and customers

TKM constantly monitors your markets, your competitors, and new products and patents in your market. We also offer access to monitoring and analysis tools (SaaS software), customized to your specific needs.

State-of-the-art analysis

Do you need a current analysis? Who are the players in your sector? What are the trends? What are the emerging technologies? All companies ask themselves these questions several times a year (CIR technical file, new R&D project, new technology to investigate…). Thanks to TKM, you finally have a simple, fast and effective solution! Get a complete overview of your environment at any given moment: emerging technologies, main competitors, potential partners…


Most often, innovating means taking a step to the side, breaking away from the prevailing patterns of thinking in a team, company or sector. Long-established, robust creativity methods (such as TRIZ, or more recent ones like CK) showed very early on the value of technological resourcing (or of taking stock of the current state of the art) to nourish and « augment » a creativity process: imagining radically innovative new solutions, solving technical problems deemed unsolvable, getting around a really troublesome competitor’s patent, and so on.

Through its activities and services, TKM has also become an operator of enhanced creativity for your teams. This means carrying out assessments, technology scouting, research into industrial examples, and even running workshops to find innovative solutions to complex problems.

Optimize your industrial property strategy

Check your freedom to operate, carry out a prior art search, monitor your patents once filed and make sure they retain their strategic value over time, decipher your competitors’ filing strategy, get around blocking patents… TKM can help you optimize and enhance your patent strategy.

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Identifying opportunities

For research-based start-ups, TKM is the ideal partner to identify the best opportunities, i.e. the applications and markets that will be most relevant to your future business. This 360° analysis is then deepened to assess receptivity and identify the main competitors in each of these markets.

Diversified and complementary offerings to meet your needs

Research laboratories, start-ups, major groups, SMEs… Whatever your size and the nature of your monitoring and analysis needs, TKM can adapt and offer you a range of services tailored to your specific context.

IZINOV, the fast, inexpensive solution for a complete overview of your environment at a given moment in time.

Do you need a fast, accurate and comprehensive overview of your environment, or to understand the issues and opportunities at an early stage, in order to establish the best strategy?

IZINOV is the solution you need. In just 10 days and less than 2 hours of your time, you’ll have a clear and exhaustive vision of your market or the technological field you’re interested in.

IZINOV is a fast and cost-effective solution, particularly recommended before launching a new project.

IPMetrix, the intelligence and analysis software for exploiting all the literature useful to your R&D and Innovation strategies.

Patents, scientific articles, collaborative projects, the web, theses… this literature is packed with useful information on your competitors, technologies and current or future application markets.

IPMetrix, a software platform developed by TKM teams specialized in data science and artificial intelligence, enables you to scrutinize and exploit the potentially strategic information held in this scientific and technological literature available on a global scale.

Its technology enables all relevant data to be gathered, concatenated and analyzed in a single space, and any weak signals to be extracted. Thanks to this database targeted on your areas of interest, you’ll be able to make decisions, innovate and position yourself in your market, one step ahead of your competitors.

In concrete terms, IPMetrix enables you to :

  • Analyze all types of sources in a single place, giving you a 360° view (web pages, scientific articles, patents, PDFs, RSS feeds, videos, etc.).
  • Create a customized database enabling you to carry out in-depth analyses of your environment: market research, competitive analysis, state-of-the-art technology, sector mapping, etc.
  • Generate your own watches and alerts on an ongoing or regular basis
  • Enable the emergence of true collective intelligence through sharing, commenting and tagging functionalities
  • Train artificial intelligence algorithms based on your specific needs, saving you real time
  • And capitalize on the knowledge acquired through monitoring, building up a body of documentation that constitutes a genuine intangible asset for the company.

In short, thanks to IPMetrix, you can reverse the trend experienced by today’s watchers by spending just 25% of your time collecting and sorting data, and devoting the remaining 75% to analyzing, enriching, disseminating and animating the watch at the heart of your organization’s strategic management!

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TKM, publishing and services company: a hybrid offering to keep you focused on your core business.

Are you interested in implementing a tool like IPMetrix, but can’t (or are afraid you won’t) exploit the software to its full potential? Don’t worry, TKM offers a full range of services to complement its software offering. For example, our team of expert engineers can take charge of setting up a search strategy for you, collecting and organizing your raw data, setting up your data architecture… and so on.

Do you occasionally or regularly need to outsource the monitoring or production of a study? Don’t worry, TKM will be there to support you.

Whatever happens, you can remain focused on your core business: analysis and strategic decision-making.

And thanks to this hybrid offering, you’ll always have access to a database that’s up to date, specific to your needs, scalable and relevant.

As you can see, TKM is a strategic partner to support you in your decision-making and help you master your environment.

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