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More than ever, strategic decisions in the field of innovation must be based on an exhaustive review and analysis of available information. Paradoxically, with the advent of the Internet, it has become increasingly complex to access the right information, given its multiplicity and protean nature. While decision-makers need to have a clear, synthetic vision of a given environment, analysts, watchers and managers have to navigate their way through a mass of unformed information in the hope of identifying the weak signals lurking within. In this context, it is essential to equip oneself with the right tools to facilitate the work of monitoring and analysis, and thus make the right decisions, with full knowledge of the facts. IPMetrix, TKM’s multi-source monitoring and analysis software, was the first to be designed as a practical tool for strategic decision-making.

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IPMetrix: at the heart of TKM’s raison d’être

TKM Innovation was created in 2003, following a number of observations that have only grown in importance since then:

  • With the advent of the Internet, access to information has become extremely easy.
  • But as a corollary, the volume of information to be analyzed has exploded.
  • Monitoring must now be carried out on a global scale (technology, innovation, markets, competitors and partners).
  • Scientific and technical fields are breaking down barriers: the number of themes to be analyzed is increasing, including those outside my usual areas of expertise.

At the same time, business cycles are accelerating, and companies are having to make decisions ever more quickly.

Against this backdrop, TKM, a specialist in technical information engineering, state of the art, intelligence and intellectual property strategies, has developed IPMetrix. Designed to analyze voluminous packages of information, this software is capable of processing data from all available and useful sources on a global scale: patents, scientific publications, theses, research projects and, more generally, all information available on the web. The analyses it enables will feed into strategic decision-making processes linked to an innovation process.

TKM’s mission

  • To help you make informed strategic decisions.
  • Help you save time in the analysis and sharing phases.
  • Provide you with a 360° view of your markets, competitors and opportunities.


The 3 needs met by IPMetrix

IPMetrix has been designed to meet the 3 distinct needs of its customers, as they process massive amounts of information.

1. Overcoming heterogeneous data sources

Scientific and technical information (patents, scientific articles, theses, collaborative projects, etc.), economic information, company databases, web articles…

IPMetrix’s first function is to bring together information from a multitude of heterogeneous sources in a common format. Without this first brick, the analyst would be forced to conduct as many analyses as there are data sources. With IPMetrix, on the other hand, it is possible to bring together all useful information on a given subject, regardless of its source, origin, format or language. Any duplicates are identified and eliminated.

You then have access to a common knowledge base, from which you can carry out a single strategic analysis.

2. Giving meaning to a knowledge base

Who are the players in the field? What are the main themes and the players involved? What are the trends, emerging technologies and their degree of maturity? Who’s doing what, with whom? Who are the experts and opinion leaders to interview? Which organizations are on the cutting edge, which start-ups are in the pipeline?

These are the kinds of questions that IPMetrix’s analysis can help answer. Semantic and statistical analysis, mapping, datavisualization… You can even use it to identify new markets and future customers.

The software provides a set of tools enabling users to start building up an initial level of intelligence on the field they are interested in and discover in just a few hours. The analyses built up using IPMetrix not only feed into your monitoring and decision-making processes, but also enable you to detect far more creative and diversified avenues for innovation than you would in a conventional, non-tool-based ideation process.

3. Capitalise on and collaborate around your intelligence

Too often in companies, monitoring is carried out on a decentralised basis, with everyone working in their own corner. When one of its employees leaves, the company runs the risk of losing this knowledge, which is a real intangible asset that it has financed.

In the best-case scenario, an Excel file remains with all the monitoring work carried out over the years. In other words, this knowledge base has every chance of not being exploited by successors, who will be condemned to start from scratch.

To avoid this pitfall, IPMetrix has been designed to centralise all the information resulting from the monitoring work, so that it is really possible to capitalise on it.

Case in point: When the new industrial property director of a major group joins the company, his dashboard gives him access to all the R&D projects undertaken by his new colleagues over the last 10 years! This saves an incredible amount of time, and immediately feeds into discussions with the teams without wasting time on either side.

The marketing department, the process team, the purchasing department, etc. can all benefit.

As a collaborative tool, IPMetrix enables you to create a mixed community around a common knowledge base. The various employees concerned can then bounce ideas off a particular initiative, product or start-up sheet, thanks to a system of tags and document sharing.

Ainsi, déployer IPMetrix permet non seulement de favoriser la collaboration en temps réel, mais aussi de capitaliser sur un actif immatériel qui durera bien au-delà de la trajectoire des différents collaborateurs au sein de l’entreprise.


Deploying IPMetrix not only encourages collaboration in real time, but also capitalises on an intangible asset that will last well beyond the career of individual employees within the company.


4 examples of use cases where IPMetrix can make all the difference


  1. Technology watch in a given sector. Find out everything that’s going on in your environment, what your competitors are up to or what the trends are in a given field.
  2. State of the art. To keep up to date with the state and progress of technologies and their maturity, find out about the players behind them and identify potential partners or competitors.
  3. Industrial property. To monitor competitors’ patent filing strategies, conduct a prior art search, identify troublesome patent applications in good time and try to weaken them within the allotted time.
  4. Market research. To identify a relevant market for a given technology, for example as part of a technology transfer or the launch of an innovative product. For a start-up resulting from research work, IPMetrix provides a 360° overview of all the markets likely to be interested in its technology. So before analysing the receptiveness of a particular market, the project leaders have a strategic map of the needs they could satisfy, and can carry out an initial targeting exercise with very surprising results in relation to their initial idea. This enables them to make no mistakes and to control a crucial factor for a start-up: its time to market.


As an expert in your field, you know that the key to your success lies in your ability to innovate. To reduce your uncertainties, you need reliable, objective data. The IPMetrix analysis and capitalisation tool, backed up by the expertise of TKM, will help you to gain a detailed view of your technological and competitive environment, so that you can make the right decisions. As well as offering you IPMetrix, TKM can take care of all the time-consuming tasks inherent in monitoring, so that your staff can devote themselves fully to their area of expertise.

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