“From green washing to green compliance! How can AI provide metrics for separating the wheat from the chaff”


TKM will attend the 2d international conference « Policies, Processes and Practices for the Performance of Innovation Ecosystems » (P4IE) to be held in Ottawa from 9th to 11th of May.

Christophe Lecante (CEO and founder of TKM) will give a presentation on how AI applied to massive dataset of scientific literature can help create metrics that matters for decision makers.

As Companies are more and more frequently asked to meet social sustainability and better environmental performance standards … it may be interesting to identify those which have really started to change their process and those which have so far mainly adapted their communication strategies.

Based on an AI model trained by TKM in the field of chemical industry, designed for detecting among thousands of patents and articles those with a real impact on the ecosystems, we’ll share a vision on what research programs could be drawn to assess the real impact of public policies or existing certifications.


Ottawa – 9th / 11th May 2022

Christophe Lecante

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