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Your day-to-day job: to push your company and your teams to the top. Listening, hearing, detecting weak signals, anticipating. Resisting crises, competitors and revolutions.
And every day reinventing the magic that encourages your customers to place their trust in you over the long term.

The other side of the coin sits on your desk: the pile of reports and articles to be read, the urgent files, the post-it notes from customers to be reminded… and all those unread emails, and that endless to-do list.

Yet your company is constantly having to adapt to a rapidly changing market, new regulations and ever-present competition.

So how do you free up time for effective business intelligence ?

Even if you know your market inside out, it’s impossible to keep up with everything at once, and while everyone does a bit of monitoring (sales, production, R&D), a structured, specialised approach has become essential to enable you to:

  • Identify the really useful information in the never-ending stream
  • Analyse this information and draw out strategic insights
  • Anticipate market trends and remain competitive
  • Build up a centralised and secure intangible asset
    So what can TKM’s intelligence experts do for you? As experienced and well-equipped specialists, they will not only take the pressure off you, but also help you to put strategic intelligence back at the heart of your company’s decision-making.

What does TKM’s expertise mean to you ?

TKM is first and foremost software tools developed by a team of specialists in artificial intelligence, data science and knowledge management.

But TKM goes far beyond this technological expertise.

TKM’s service team is made up of engineers and PhDs with expertise in a wide range of fields, from biology and industrial engineering to energy and transport. Their role is to collect, analyse and synthesise the economic, technical and scientific information that will be useful to you, to configure your monitoring platform and, if necessary, to prepare the monitoring materials to share with your management team.

They specialise in researching technological, scientific, economic and competitive information.

The services they can provide are varied and tailored to your needs. From simple data collection to carrying out analyses and studies, setting up regular monitoring or running communities of practice, they have a perfect command of the TKM software, and can help your teams get to grips with it and use it on a day-to-day basis.

Once the research, data collection and analysis work has been carried out, the TKM service team can take charge of publishing and distributing watch bulletins and writing and distributing newsletters. If a specific analysis is required, it can also produce a state of the art report, a competitor map or a market study.

Their job is not to produce one more report or summary… to be added to the pile in your office. Their raison d’être is to produce useful, concrete information that is directly relevant to an imminent decision.

Put another way, their job is to collect and identify the key data that will guide your strategic decisions.

Powerful tools to enhance expertise

TKM engineers use IPMetrix to carry out their strategic intelligence missions, but they can also train your teams. Here are the main stages in using IPMetrix:

  • Data search: IPMetrix enables you to search vast databases efficiently, integrating a wide range of sources such as patents, scientific and press articles, conferences and videos on a global scale.
  • Analysis and synthesis: The many analyses available in IPMetrix transform raw and massive data into useful information. They enable information to be synthesised and presented in an easily understandable and exploitable form to inform future strategic decisions.
  • Data visualisation: The software offers a wide range of visualisation tools to help managers detect trends and players and understand market dynamics. This takes the form of interactive maps, graphs and dashboards.
  • Collaborative watch: The software suite can also be used to run a collaborative intelligence system, where teams share comments and information, improving communication and efficiency within the company.
  • Reports and newsletters: IPMetrix is also very useful for creating reports and customised newsletters simply, quickly and effectively.

By offering IPMetrix, TKM helps SMEs to transform a continuous stream of information into strategic insights, and enables managers to keep abreast of developments in their sector, scrutinise the activity of their competitors and anticipate technological trends in the market.

The resulting decisions are based on reliable and relevant information.

Many companies outsource all or part of their business intelligence to the TKM team.

Would you like to find out more?

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