The core of our expertise is helping you make the right decisions


In order to innovate, you need to have the right amount of information.
Our mission at TKM is to support you in this process of
mastering technological, scientific, economic, and competitive information.

With the explosion of available information online, it is now easy to know what’s happening in any given industrial, technological or scientific sector.


For years, we were under the impression that we had the right amount of information about our competitors, partners, and emerging technologies. Monitoring activities became increasingly individual, and then complex tools full of marvelous promise came about.

And yet... TKM has continued to flourish for over 15 years. Why?

Because having access to information is no longer enough.
Nowadays, you need to select the right sources of information, collect raw data, then analyze their contents regardless of volum ein order to extract a strategic overview consisting in  achieving the level of knowledge and information you require.
The merest search now yields thousands, if not tens of thousands, of documents (patents, articles, financial reports, websites, memoirs, posters, etc.).

Knowing how to examine each source, how to select the right keywords in order to limit noise (“irrelevant” documents), collec tin g data in their original format, then transferring them to a more common format for analysis and synthesis constitutes a whole series of complex and costly tasks.

That’s the profession TKM invented in 2003.

It was the first company to develop expertise in terms of mapping and exploiting all useful sources of technological, scientific , and economic data. In order to make this possible, TKM developed its own software tools (semantic AI, data visualization, etc.) that allowed for screening and quickly analyzing th is vast and heterogeneous literature. No matter what your needs are in terms of innovation strategies, industrial property and technology transfers,

No matter what your needs are in terms of innovation strategies, industrial property and technology transfers, we can be of use.
Since 2004, we’ve lived through hundreds, if not thousands, of stories about innovation alongside our clients.

A wide variety of cases
Scientific or competitive technology watches, prospecting approaches, brainstorming and CK theory, partner searching, market studies for an innovative technology, searching for implementation or diversification markets, getting value from patents and technology transfers, mapping actors, freedom to operate or prior rights research all are requirements for which we have provided successful support.

Our innovative standpoint is that the answer to all these needs can be found in the colossal mass of information published in the world each year: patents, scientific articles, seminars or conferences, theses, “market oriented” press reviews and, of course, on the web and even in collaborative research projects!

TKM’s unique expertise: SaaS Software & Associated Services, Studies and Consulting.

TKM is specialized in the analysis of heterogeneous data and can provide solutions to your strategic issues. Either by providing analyses and studies on your behalf, by implementing recurrent watches, by hosting practical communities or group projects within your organization, or by making available (most often as part of a package) its own software tool, IPMETRIX.

  • Technology watch: intelligence reports, drafting and disseminating newsletters, collaborative intelligence, etc.
  • Studies: market studies, application searches, states of the art, skill mapping, expert searches, etc.
  • Consulting and training: auditing your innovation strategies, implementing a watch, organization and performance of innovative projects
  • IPMETRIX: a software solution to research, visualize and analyze heterogeneous data in order for you to produce your own studies.

Since 2004, TKM has been deploying its information processing skills and expertise in order to guarantee the success of your innovations.

More than 15 years experience
For over 15 years, we have been the bearers of an instrument-assisted method (AI and data science) aimed at helping decision-making and enabling proper watches in the field of Research, Development and Innovation. We have invented an entire profession and, in doing so, have been greatly solicited. All the better!

As a resolute player in the sector of innovation and collaborative research, we have undoubtedly contributed to the efficiency of R&D in France and Europe.

Our vision of technological watch
In order to innovate, it has become essential to have a proper view of your sector and your market, to know existing actors, and to detect emerging technologies.

And within a perpetually moving and accelerating world, it is crucial to refresh this vision, to constantly explore all the fields of science and of technology, and to maintain your ability to fire back against threats or take advantage of opportunities before your competitors do.

Discover IZINOV
A solution for every need
Rather than create a tool, we built an entire software suite inspired by your needs and by the numerous cases we have faced while supporting innovative companies and research teams of every size!

But there’s also an entire range of services available, from one-time studies, to taking charge of your watch, and even competitive patent analysis...

Discover them here
Our vision of innovation
Our activities in support of research and innovation are built around three main and complementary pillars:

1 – Watching and prospecting technologies and the competition, or how to detect weak signals in time

2 – Increased creativity, or how to nourish and enrich a brainstorming group, a community of practice, a search for how to disrupt or resolve issues

3 – Increasing the value of your industrial property strategy, transferring technologies, and searching for partners (collaborative innovation)

Our consultants will help you identify and clarify all the critical information through the fog of technical and scientific literature. By supporting you over the long term, we will help you to decipher, translate and benefit from the best information in order to contribute to your innovation efforts.

Services that apply to all research and innovation actors, whatever their size and field of activity
We believe that the only good way to accompany innovation is by building solutions with you: an iterative, participative, modular and agile approach in the service of all kinds of innovative companies.
Literature analysis & capitalization
Thanks to integrated AI and Machine Learning, our analysis and watch software, IPMETRIX, gives you the ability to provide only the most relevant documents to your R&D, Marketing, IP and other teams in order to save considerable amounts of time.

With the help of our tools and services, your watch teams will contribute yet further to your success and will cement their strategic role within your organization.

Our software: better seeing and understanding your environment