Above all, IPMETRIX is an analytical watch software tool that helps innovative actors make decisions.

There are dozens of search engines, online databases, and of course, everything you can find on the Internet (articles, market studies, theses, press releases, etc.).
However, implementing a useful watch these days requires less information collection and more analysis, capitalization, enrichment and circulation among teams.

That is IPMetrix’s primary function: allowing you to save time on strategic analysis and to collectively make the right decisions.


You spend
75% on data collection
25% on analysis
You spend
25% collecting
75% analyzing and producing results
You yield as many analyses and summaries as sources studiedYou build ONE knowledge base on a given subject, and you implement ONE analysis
The watch takes too much time and only rarely leads to decisions being made or actions being takenInformation is synthesized, various collaborators can quickly peruse it and collectively decide on follow-up actions, as well as decisions to make
Remembering the document, the competitor, the start-up you discovered a few months or years ago... it’s just mission impossible!Thanks to IPMetrix, your entire knowledge base is in one place, it can be enriched by your and your colleagues’ commentaries, and all its information can easily be found, even with few inputs.


1- collect and aggregate all the sources you want to use

2- implement a general analysis, rather than separate analyses by source that you would have to subsequently merge

3- share the results with your colleagues and capitalize on your documentary collections over time

This software assembles, concatenates, and provides for the clear and synthetic visualization of all data gathered from scientific and technological literature, and from certain Internet sources (patent databases, scientific publications, white papers, web, etc.), in order to allow you to make decisions, innovate, position yourself and resolve technical issues.

It provides you with a true 360° view of your project thanks to the variety of sources integrated. Relinquishing dominant thought processes in order to see the world more clearly and impartially: that’s the added value IPMetrix’s comprehensiveness and objectivity can generate.

IPMETRIX allows you to better understand your environment and implement deeper analyses, market studies, competitive analyses, technological states of the art, IP strategies, FTO, positioning strategies, actor mapping, sector structuring, partner searches, etc.

Not to mention that this tool will help you capitalize on information and knowledge gathered as more watches are deployed, for use when needed (active documentary library).

It is based on an artificial intelligence that we have trained ourselves. The mere selection of keywords is no longer enough to limit the number of documents collected every week and month. But that’s where IPMETRIX’s embedded machine learning will put the smile back on your face, by analyzing document contents and presenting only those related to your interests.