Technology watch, state of the art, innovation strategy and R&D

For those of you who innovate, it has become essential to have proper vision over your sector and your market, to know existing actors, and to detect emerging technologies. Before kicking off your start-up or launching your R&D program, an IZINOV panorama will allow you to make the right decisions, take advantage of opportunities at hand, and detect threats and competitors early enough for you to successfully retaliate!

IZINOV is a quick and economic solution for such cases. In 10 days and with less than 2 hours of your time, you’ll have all the essential information needed to guarantee your project’s success. Every day around the world, thousands of researchers, innovators, start-ups, etc., submit new patents, publish new articles or theses, post on blogs, submit videos, participate in collaborative projects, and more. That is, they innovate and they make it known!

Why IZINOV? The information is available, but it’s rarely easily or fully accessible, and it often is geographically and chronologically scattered. Thanks to IZINOV, there’s no longer any need to spend unreasonable amounts of time or use complex means to benefit from a summary of strategic resources.

IZINOV will let you know the right time to invest in the right market, alongside the right potential partners. You can keep a watch on both your environment and its evolution. You’ll be able to comfortably elaborate a strategic project.

There are 3 options to choose from: patent watch / technology watch / strategic watch.