TKM is a software-producing, service-providing and consulting company in the field of innovation. It was formed in 2004 within Grenoble’s incubator (GRAIN, now LINKSIUM) by Christophe Lecante, strategic watch expert, and Shyama Ramani, INRA researcher.

TKM is the acronym for “Technology – Knowledge – Metrix,” measuring science and knowledge in the service of innovation.

Specialized in the data mining of scientific and technological literature, TKM was the first company in France and Europe to offer instrument-assisted services for the purposes of producing strategic studies based on exploiting this literature.
In contrast with traditional actors of the scientific information market, TKM aimed from the start at focusing on the subject of analyzing and extracting strategic data from varied literature (that is, not just patents or publications).
In other words, TKM was the first actor to integrate the fact that, with the Internet’s development and the availability of online data, the latter would clearly become commodities, and only the analysis and extraction of strategic orientations could have value in helping economic actors make the right decisions in order to stand out in their own markets.

The market’s evolution since that time has confirmed this intuition, and TKM has developed world-renowned and genuine expertise recognized both in the field of academic research and among industrial players of all sizes.

The software developed by TKM from its creation onward integrates aspects of Data Science, semantic AI, and data visualization.

Innovation is not only at the core of our clients’ challenges. It is also what pushes us forward.
A Young Innovative Business from its beginnings, TKM constantly pushes the envelope on R&D efforts, on the basis of partnered research with major institutions (CNRS, CEA, INRIA, Polytechnique Montréal, etc.) and universities (Lyon, Grenoble, Montréal, and more). It is currently financing 5 CIFRE theses.

Our development teams and engineering consultants are based at our headquarters in Voiron (Grenoble), as well as Lyon, Paris and Montréal for our Canadian affiliate (2018).

TKM is also a responsible SME with a constantly evolving CSR policy. For example, TKM is committed to subjects of soft mobility for its teams. It was also involved in the “One youth, one solution” program launched in 2021 by the French government in the context of its Recovery Plan to help young people get integrated into the workforce in all regions.

TKM was born of an intuition. From the beginning of the 2000s, with the massive development of Internet and the increased accessibility of value-added information (patents, publications, economic information, etc.), it became clear that decision makers in all fields were not exploiting this incredibly rich mass of information, and continued to fall back on the advice of biased and subjective experts. This can be explained by the sheer size of this heterogeneous mass of information, sprawling over many sites and databases. Detecting, sorting and analyzing it was not feasible, and would have taken too much time to exploit for innovative actors.

TKM was thus brought into life in order to resolve this issue, through the development of adapted tools provided to innovative actors, through consulting services at first, and then as of 2012, through the availability of its SaaS proprietary software platform, IPMetrix.

TKM’s team is mostly made up of consulting engineers who have studied at prestigious institutions or who have graduated from university as engineers or with a PhD. Their fields of expertise are varied in order to cover all our clients’ areas of intervention (biology, agriculture, physics, telecommunications, industrial engineering, etc.).

Our consultants are often doubly educated in both the sciences and marketing. Moreover, each one has received enhanced internal training from TKM on the subjects of intellectual property, using semantic AI, watch techniques, as well as economic intelligence.

Their part consists in collecting, analyzing and synthesizing for clients all the essential information available in technical and scientific literature. By supporting you longitudinally over the long term, they can help you progressively decipher, translate and benefit from the best information in order to contribute to your innovation efforts.

TKM is also an R&D team built around developers, engineers and PhDs. Combining expertise in the fields of data science, web development, and machine learning. This team is constantly working to improve our IPMetrix tools in close collaboration with our research partners (CNRS, CEA, INRIA, Universities, etc.).

Enfin, l’équipe d’animation et de direction est composée de Christophe Lecante (Président-fondateur) et de Romain Billet (Directeur associé).

TKM’s main expertise – its mainspring – is its ability to analyze heterogeneous literature from the Internet or from technological, scientific and economic databases, in order to provide assistance in strategic decision-making.

With more than 15 years’ experience, TKM has been able to acquire new references every year and has capitalized on its image as a serious, reactive and high-quality partner. Our clients’ “recurrence” rate is now consistently at 80% and the average age of our client accounts is above 6 years.

With more than 120 innovation projects supported each year, TKM is now among the staple actors in the field of technology transfers and innovation consulting.

Over the years, TKM has been able to capitalize on a large number of missions and has accumulated particular expertise in fields such as: healthcare (pharma / med tech / diagnostics), cosmetics and biotechnology, aeronautical and space industries, automobiles, new energies, optics & electronics, embedded systems, clean technologies, and sports & leisure.

That being said, TKM is a cross-sectional actor and can provide support on a great deal of subjects, including HSS matters.

You are an innovative actor. You know that your approach is non-linear. It is more akin to the jumps, turns, dead ends and about-faces of Brownian motion.

In order to satisfy your needs and to integrate this reality, TKM offers an iterative, participative, modular and flexible approach. We do not use any store-bought solutions. We seek to understand your needs, we mobilize our most adapted skills, and we take all the time needed to fulfill your ask. We work together as a group to devise the best approaches, which we continuously adapt as new discoveries are made along the way.

This process gives you the opportunity to benefit from a deeper strategic watch, to explore, to collect and control information, all in the service of your own strategic planning and innovation projects. In a context of very high levels of economic, scientific and technological uncertainty, this watch has yet again become more important than ever.

Our means: a mixed methodology combining flexibility and diligence:

A simple, quick and affordable solution: (IZINOV) ;
Fast, powerful and customizable software: (IPMETRIX) ;
A flexible, diligent and comprehensive approach (TKM consulting)