Search for applications
TKM identifies all the applicable markets for your technology and targets the industrial partners that can contribute to your success.
Market survey
TKM positions your project according to market needs, interviews future clients, identifies your competitors, defines strategic segmentation, and suggests an operational plan of action
Projects development and financing research
TKM helps you identify financing sources in order to support your innovative projects. TKM makes available the skills of its project assembly and deployment teams, particularly for collaborative initiatives.
TKM watches your markets, your competitors, new products or patents, and provides you with watch and analysis tools tailored to your needs

State of the art and positioning strategy
TKM describes the environment of your major themes (actors, partnerships, trends, etc.), helps you make positioning-related decisions, and supports you in defining your relevant itinerary.
Patent redaction and filing
An applicability study leads to the conclusion that the patents held by a company no longer guarantee efficient protection on new markets. It has thus become necessary to draft new patents. TKM includes this assignment in its services by associating a specialized partner in order to save you time.
Intellectual property strategy
TKM optimizes and promotes your patents, verifies your ability to use them, and provides advice about new patents to protect and strengthen your assets.
TKM maps patents, actors, relational networks and their abilities in order to identify partners, members, and clients, or to define a sector or region’s innovative potential.
Understanding differentiating elements as well as key factors for the success of projects, initiatives or innovations in your area of interest. TKM identifies lighthouses for you and extracts their key characteristics in order to guide your own movement

In response to client requests, TKM has developed a range of services to support them beyond mere studies in the operational implementation of your innovative projects.

IP expertise, CODIR implementation, assembling an innovative project, innovative project management assistance, training and hosting your teams, and more. TKM provides assistance throughout the innovation process and in support of your decisions, whether on a one-off basis, as a service contract, or as technical support.

TKM has set up two tools, both interrelated, to help support innovative companies. That’s because we believe that there’s a combination of methods specially made for you: that which we build together with you in the service of all kinds of innovative companies, regardless of field and degree of development. 

We offer an approach that gives you the ability to benefit from a more profound strategic watch – to gather and control information. This will ensure that you miss no opportunity, no partner, no market and no client. It will also help you detect threats and risks early enough for you to be able to adapt and transform these challenges into opportunities. More than just providing you with information, we also help you make decisions and implement any related subsequent steps.

Here are a few example missions we have been involved in:

2 states of the art for the development of a 10-year strategic plan for a major aeronautical group

TKM has supported this major group in the achievement of two different states of the art. The first concerned the assembly of composite materials, and the second related to augmented reality. If the goal of the first was to comprehensively describe the subject, the second covered the entirety of the watch process up until the creation of a road map followed by strategic recommendations. Thanks to these two studies, TKM was able to show the performance and merit of its innovative methodology that allows it to produce recommendations based on pragmatic elements.

Mission context:
The group wishes to implement a new technological solution throughout all its business units.

Mission goals:
The goal is to comprehensively and objectively map the technological environment (publications / patents / web / actors / projects and business cases) of the envisioned solution, and to provide a detailed analysis about the strategic position the company could adopt concerning this solution by providing a 10-year implementation plan for these technologies.


  • Technology benchmarking
  • Analysis and segmentation
  • Defining focus groups and hosting events
  • Interviews with affiliated decision makers
  • Defining "priority actions" to implement
  • Implementation plan

Results obtained:
Operational "use cases" and a 10-year strategic plan

A strategic turn for an SME that decided to diversify into new markets

"We contacted TKM in order to request their support in diversifying our activities. Thanks to their literature collection and analysis tools, they were able to map the entirety of our technology’s scope of application, as well as help us identify new avenues for growth. This mission solidified a strategic turn that the company is currently taking on the basis of TKM’s recommendations."

Mission context:
Heavily dependent on the manufacturing industry in general and on the automobile industry in particular, this SME wanted to diversify into new markets in order to preempt any crisis similar to the one it experienced in 2009.

Mission goals:
Giving the SME the ability to diversify into new markets with strong potential – Mapping all scopes of application – Prioritizing and providing the keys to understanding how to penetrate these market.


  • Researching patent-publication databases
  • Analyzing the constituted database
  • Mapping all possible scopes of application
  • Web search
  • Leading 30 interviews with technical directors in order to evaluate/validate needs and to quantify the market made accessible by the technology.

Results obtained:
This study allowed our client to identify three new markets with high potential for tangible applications, as well as obtain a deep analysis of each sector with:

  • the value chain
  • the market
  • actors and potential clients
  • interest
  • obstacles
  • market access routes

A laboratory’s strategy to promote new substances among market leaders

"TKM elaborated a market study for us about natural substances used to protect crops. This work, TKM’s innovative tools, as well as the expertise of their consultants provided us with a highly precise vision of the market, which allowed us to make the right strategic choices."

Mission context:
Mission context: This start-up works on new natural molecules.

Mission goals:

  • Obtaining figures about the identified market: market share, product prices according to application
  • Obtaining the price of licenses in the sector
  • Identifying market trends and sounding out industry actors concerning these products


  • Web search
  • Specialized sites
  • Financial press
  • Company databases
  • Interviews with 10 experts in the field

Results obtained:
This study allowed our client to have a quantitative idea about the market for the products identified, an estimate of the cost of a license in the industry, as well as qualitative information allowing for the better promotion of their new molecules to market leaders (development partners, patent license, or product sales). This study also yielded a more global view on the products used today in Europe and in France, as well as the actors present in the market.

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